Visual branding design for yoga center

Identidad Corporativa Centro de yoga y meditación
Imagen corporativa para centro de yoga

Visual branding design for yoga center

Client: Personal project Industry: Wellness – Yoga Location: France Corporate identity for a meditation and yoga center. Calm Yoga Center is a fictional place located in the middle of the mountains, overlooking a valley. It is a place to relax, practice meditation, yoga and mindful eating. A space to get away from the noise and free yourself from the stresses of everyday life.
Identity and visual image
In this center everything revolves around its main tree, Ginkgo biloba, located in the center of the harmonious garden. Therefore, the logo it’s based on this very special tree; a Ginkgo leaf suspended in the air, with smooth lines and rounded edges to convey the calm that this place transmits at all times. The colours, bluish remind to an onsen ( traditional Japanese baths with volcanic hot springs) and the yellow reminds of the sun and to the bamboo – that surround the japonesse mountains. The typography the fairly rounded and fixed-line of this typeface helps to better convey that calm that this center wants to provide to its guests.

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