Membership site for yoga classes

Yoga Yume, yoga teacher, specialised in hatha yoga, meditation and facial yoga needed an online space for a membership for her students could see all the classes at the same place and to catch new students from everywhere. 

Project overview

Role: Art director, UX/UI designer, strategic branding consultancy.

Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Illustration, Photoshop, WordPress.

Team: self-directed.

The problem:
Belén, the visible face behind the brand Yoga Yume is a hatha yoga professional with extensive experience offline. With the COVID, the possibility of expanding the brand to online and live classes was opened, as a result of the confinement. But the private videos on youtube and the online classes weren’t enough. Belén needed a digital home. A place that could communicate her values and that gave to the students the freedom to have the classes at any moment they needed.
The challenge:
To create a digital membership space for hatha yoga, meditation and facial yoga as autonomous to manage as possible with the aim of expanding the offer of hatha yoga to the online world.

The process

Market research, customer testing / questionnaires, branding strategy, brainstorming and ideation, design and development and final retouching.

Market research:

Here I did a competitor analysis. I studied the type of direct and indirect competition in the current panorama in the Spanish-speaking market mainly. I studied the kind of services and membership formats that they were offering to detect those points where I could be stronger.

User analysis:

In order to identify the main needs and problems of the students, I did an investigation that was divided in 2 parts:
  • General analysis of hatha yoga students to visualise those main needs that they seek to cover with this discipline.
  • For those already students, I developed, together with Belén, a short questionnaire to detect those specific problems that make them go to Hatha with Yoga Yume. Then we could find those differentiating elements to stand out.

Conclusions (of the interviews/form responses):

After sending the survey, the answer were given through text and audio. These answers were compiled in a document (by Belén) so we could study together to draw strategic conclusions for the brand.


There is a lot of emotional tension and daily stress due to the uncertainty of the moment (COVID) and the work situation.

Many healthcare professionals recommend yoga for the relief of muscle ailments.

There is a growing need for spiritual, mental and physical connection. Of self-knowledge.

The emotional connection with the yoga teacher (in here is Belén) increases the permanence in the classes.

There is a continuous search for calm for which the students are more than willing to pay for.


A Need for relief from emotional stress, and tools for managing difficult situations to gain peace and self-control.

The students seek permanent relief and prevention of muscle pain (especially back pain).

Need for self-knowledge not only mental but also physical and spiritual.

Need to belong to a space of trust and love.

The continuous pursuit for calm through longer meditations and visualizations.

User persona:

Thanks to the observation of the data collected from the surveys, I developed a typical profile (personas) to always keep in mind the characteristics, motivators and demotivators of the person we are addressing with the specific communication.


The idea was to visualise everything necessary to prioritise those essential features and pages for the launch. This way, this one could be speeded up.

The focus was to work on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and after launching the web, keep working on those features and pages fewer priorities.


Once those pages and essential characteristics for the membership launch were detected, I organized and structured the pages, starting from what would be the visual menu.

User flows:

The interviews’ results turn out to be very clarifying about the user journey that a student from Yoga Yume usually follows.

There were detected 2 different user flows:

Wireframes (low):

Knowing that the user in this specific situation seek calm and that this is the main reason why she usually goes to Yoga Yume, the web design had to be clean , with a lot white space so this emotion is well communicated.

Wireframes (high):

To communicate the values and personality of this brand, it was a must to add certain visual elements in order to reflect not only a space of calm but also the physical space used in yoga classes.

A digital home that is flexible and dynamic, as the Yoga Yume classes.

The solution

A digital place for hatha yoga, meditation and facial yoga aligned with the values ​​of the Yoga Yume brand.

A website that is managed autonomously and that allows generating a new route of more passive income.