E-commerce website redesign for a coach

Client: novva_marketing | Elma Roura
Industry: Wellness
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Web: elmaroura.com

The problem

The website was chaotic with a tone of information very difficult to be found. In addition, the duality that this brand is set on, as its main concept, wasn’t
been mirrored.

The goal

To design a website easy to navigate, where all the information is categorised properly. Plus adding an
online shop and an online academy.

The process

Research – UX design – User flow – Style guide & UI.

The solution

A new website that reflects the duality (tantra & coaching) of the brand where the information is been categorised logically, with an online shop and an academy that started to generate profits since day 1.

What it was done?

  • Compilation of all the information contained in the web
  • Organization of the content tree
  • Design in accordance with Elma’s values, reflecting at all times this duality of services
  • Integration of the online store

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