E-commerce & visual branding for a healthy takeaway food company

Diseño de pattern para Sanaladas

E-commerce & visual branding for a healthy takeaway food company

Client: Sanaladas
Industry: Food delivery
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Web: sanaladas.com

Iciar y Alberto, the couple behind the ownership of Sanaladas needed a total branding and a web/app for delivery. They were creating something new.

The problem

The owners needed a full branding to start
with their idea of salads and wraps delivery.

The goal

To create a buying process centred on mobile, easy to use because most of the orderings would be from this device.

The process

We went into a competitors analysis, through different platforms for delivery food before starting to design the user interface.

The solution

A clean website with an ordering system very easy to use. Theis incomes grew that much that they have today a full team behind the brand so they can focus on leading the company.

What it was be done?

  • The visual branding from scratch – from the main and secondary logos, colour palette definition and typography.
  • Pattern digital design.
  • Web design.
  • Delivery design system.

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