My name is Pilar and I’m here to help brands through illustration, graphic design, and brand strategy.

I’m half strategic (I have a background in UX/UI design) and half creative, which means that in addition to creating colourful illustrations and graphic assets, I keep them consistent with your clients’ brands and objectives while setting goals that will help boost these brands.

I’ve worked with companies from different sectors, markets, and countries since 2012, although I focus on health and wellness businesses.

My goal is to improve brands’ image through illustrations.

My brand values


I don’t create templates or use any icon or illustration previously designed. I do all from scratch, personalised, and aligned with each brand’s values.


Creativity is awesome, but when working with brands, balance and consistency are the two main factors. Balance it’s important not only for a brand, but also for my own life in mind, body, and spirit.


For myself and the people I work with. I like traveling, and I work online because I never know when I’m going to be heading.

Drawing, drawing and more drawing

That’s what I’ve been doing since I can remember. Do you know those children that spend their lives just drawing? Those children that have all margins of their books full of sketches? Well, I was one of those.

I still remember when I was 12 years old and stayed until 1 am finishing an only one-page work that, of course, had to have a front and back page – with a funny typography that I just discovered that I needed to try 😅😅

I was a girl that quite often was lost in her own fantasy world. A girl that never could stop drawing, drawing, and drawing.

Even though I was never the first in class, I understood math, was sociable, and I liked to understand staffs. I needed to know the why of the things, not just doing something for the sake of doing it! I guess that’s why, in 2018, I did a Postgraduate focused on UX/UI in ELISAVA, Barcelona.

I always did what had to be done, what supposedly was the right thing to do.

But at some point, after university, I went to Cardiff, and something made click or clock.

I worked as a bartender in a pub, then in a coffee shop. I was a volunteer in an ONG designing. I started second-guessing a lot of things, even about myself.

I began to truly know myself. I began to be brave with what I liked.

I finally connected with who I was at that moment.

I got to know Yoga. I met my partner. I learned about web design. And I kept going from there.

After four years in Cardiff, my partner and I decided to leave our jobs, packed our life, and took our savings and took off to Asia as backpackers, where we spent traveling around for about three months.

A year in Marbella made me realise that I needed to deepen in the user needs. Designing for the sake of designing didn’t make sense. My logic and practical side were knocking on the door. That’s when I did the UX/UI design Postgraduate.

After two years in Barcelona, the perfect opportunity to freelance came along with French Guiana (close to Brazil), where I lived for a year.

Then I met “Personal branding” – during pandemic times.

Actually, I did a podcast about strategies for personal brands with two other professionals: Vicky and Yadira. You can listen to it here: The weapons of your brand.

Despite all that, something was missing in my professional life: ILLUSTRATION.

so now...

After working as a graphic designer, art director, web designer, product designer, and UX/UI designer, now I work as an illustrator and designer specialising in brand strategy in Grenoble, France (actually near Grenoble), with the objective of leaving a positive mark in this world.

How and with what I can help you?

Ilustración de servicio "Ilustración estratégica"


I offer personalised illustrations for various projects such as apps, websites, print, books, blogs, magazines, and also children's books. Let's find the perfect match illustration for your clients!

Graphic design

I also offer graphic design services, including icon design, graphic elements for web and app, infographics, brochure design, social media design, and animated gifs for your brand.

Ilustración de servicio "Comunicación coherente"


I provide full brand design services, including defining a consistent color palette, logo design, and brand assets.

6 curious facts about me

from Málaga

Yes, from where the sardine "espetos" (skewer) come from, where there are "pecha de gente" (Malaga expression), and where there is scent of the sea.

living around

I've lived in Madrid, Cardiff (UK), Barcelona, Kourou (French guyane) and now in Grenoble, France 😜

I play violin

From 6 years old, although, to be honest there is been a while since I played. I don't play it very often.

with the backpack

I love travelling, especially around Asia: to my partner and myself as backpackers. Together we have travelled in much of Southeast Asia; Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, and Nepal.

Loving astrology

I love Astrology; somehow, it makes sense to me and has helped me to understand myself better and to know my strengths and weaknesses.

Egyptologist & psychologist

I wanted to be Egyptologist, then I changed my mind to psychologist but just before choosing a career, I went for my hobby (drawing) - so I studied Fine Arts & Advertising.

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