holaaaa!! Pilar speaking!

I'm UX/UI designer & Illustrator specialised in strategic branding.

👉🏼 well, basically I help you with creativity and strategy to create an impact brand and to communicate it visually through illustrations and a web design meant for your client.

drawing, drawing and more drawing

that’s what I’ve been doing  since I can remember

Do you know those children that spend their lifes just drawing?, those children that have all margins of their books full of sketches and well, call them illustrations or whatever you want?

Well, I was one of those.

I remember when I stayed until 1am finishing a one page work that of course had to have front and back page – with a funny typography that I just discovered 😅😅

A girl that quite often was lost in her own fantasy world. A girl that was distracted quite easily and that never ever could stop drawing, drawing and drawing. 

And no, I wasn’t rebel; that comes later.

The funny thing is that, despite that, I had very good marks, I understood Maths and I was sociable.

I never was brainy, but I liked to understand staffs, I needed to know the why of the things, not just doing for the sick of doing! – I guess this where my UX/UI profile comes from 😜

I always behave well, I did what it has to be done, what supposedly was the right thing to do.

But at some point, after university, I went to Cardiff and something made click or clock. 

I worked as a bartender in a pub, then in a coffee shop. I was a volunteer in an ONG – designing.  I started second-guessing a lot of things, even about myself.

I began to truly know myself, to discard what I wasn’t convinced about. I began to be brave with that I liked it.

I took off to work on “my field” – this thing always makes me laugh. As if “my field” wasn’t going to change!

I finally connected with myself.

I get to know Yoga. I met my partner. I learnt about web. And I kept going over there.

4 years in Cardiff and See you later! my partner and I left our works, packed our life and we sent it to my parent’s house. Then we took our savings and took off to Asia as backpackers, where we spent travelling around there for about 3 months.

A year in Marbella made me realised that I needed to deepen in the user needs; designing for the sick of designing didn’t make any sense – my logic and practical side were knocking on the door.

I got specialised in UX/UI design in ELISAVA. After 2 years in Barcelona raised French Guiana and I had a rush for freelancing – it was the perfect opportunity.

And then I met the “Personal branding” where  the part with I connected the most was communication – after all, I ‘ve been all my life communicating visually and verbal/ non-verbal communication always have appealed to me and hey, I am quite good at that.

and now...

I live in Grenoble, France. Where I am recording a podcast in Spanish about strategies for personal brands with two other professionals: Vicky and Yadira. You can listen to it here: The weapons of your brand

I am obviously learning french and working for brands that seek to leave a positive mark in this world.

That’s why I primarily help wellness brands to get digitally to more clients.

Not because is on fashion. not because I am a friki-fitness or because I have orthorexia (obsession for the “healthy” food).

Not, but because I myself have experienced that change. Because when I started being strong outside, where I notice the most was inside.

And I want that more people feel that way. Able to achieve whatever they want. Able to be happier.

how and with what can I help you?

If you want to sell, you have to communicate your brand. I help you to communicate it digitally.


UX/UI design

It's been a while since a beautiful web is enough.
You need a web that makes sense, with strategy and designed for your client.

You need a usable web, where the results are tested and not been assumed. But that those are checked and contrasted with the results.

Ilustración de servicio "Ilustración estratégica"

Strategic illustration

This is for you if you want your brand to stand out and to be authentic - not another one.

Illustrations made with strategy - not just beautiful. Illustrations consistent with your brand and that helps this is not forgotten.

Ilustración de servicio "Comunicación coherente"

Consistent communication

If you want to sell - and if you have a brand, you really want it - you need to communicate. But not in any way.

Your visual communication as so your verbal and non-verbal communication need to breathe together so your brand is remembered.

I tell you 6 curious facts about me

from Málaga

Yes, from where the sardine "espetos" (skewer) come from, where there are "pecha de gente" (Malaga expression), and where there is scent of the sea.

living around

I've lived in Madrid, Cardiff (UK), Barcelona, Kourou (French guyane) and now in Grenoble, France 😜

I play violin

From 6 years old, although, to be honest there is been a while since I played. I don't play it very often.

with the backpack

I love travelling, especially around Asia: to my partner and myself as backpackers. Together we have travelled in much of Southeast Asia; Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, and Nepal.

Harry Potter forever!

I love it! Mainly the books. I started reading them for 12 years and I swear I was looking forward to my Hogwarts's letter!! 🧙‍♂️

Egyptologist and psychologist

I wanted to be Egyptologist, then I changed my mind to psychologist but just before choosing a career, I went for my hobby (drawing) - so I studied Fine Arts & Advertising.

Ready to communicate your brand efficently?

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It's time to work on your business how it deserves and above!