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a freelance illustrator & graphic designer specialising in brand strategy

for health and wellness brands.

Some projects i've been working on

Looking for a freelance illustrator?

Are you a marketing or creative agency searching for a creative freelance to help you with your clients’ branding and design projects?

I offer personalised illustration, graphic design, and branding services to marketing and creative agencies, as well as small businesses, helping them to elevate their clients’ presence and stand out from the competition.

So how can I help you with your communication?

I work with different styles for each project to keep consistency and authenticity for each brand. My valuable mix of knowledge and skills allows me to understand how businesses can boost their brands and connect with audiences by creating relatable, playful, and colourful illustrations.

Ilustración de servicio "Ilustración estratégica"


I offer personalised illustrations for various projects such as apps, websites, print, books, blogs, magazines, and also children's books. Let's find the perfect match illustration for your clients!

Graphic design

I also offer graphic design services, including icon design, graphic elements for web and app, infographics, brochure design, social media design, and animated gifs for your brand.

Ilustración de servicio "Comunicación coherente"


I provide full brand design services, including defining a consistent color palette, logo design, and brand assets.

why me?

I'm half strategic (I have a background in UX/UI design) and half creative, which means that in addition to creating eye-catching & colourful illustrations and graphic assets, I keep them consistent with your clients' brands and objectives while setting goals that will help boost these brands.

Although I've worked with companies from different sectors, I focus on health and wellness businesses. Why? Because I believe we could make a better world by getting more people healthier, so they can be happier and have better lives.

My final goal is to make this a better world by improving brands' image through illustrations.

Clients I've Worked With

My experience includes working with clients from different countries. I strive to bring a global perspective to my work, creating designs and illustrations that resonate with audiences from around the world like:

Let’s meet​

If you need some creative design services for your clients, let’s meet for a 20-minute session and see how we can work together to make your agency stand out from the competition.